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Jama 3200 - Mala Boka 8694 - BC4
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Naslov Mala Boka – Poljska Jama: Connection and Controversy
Povzetek Marcin Kubarek, Paweł Ramatowski and Magdalena Wrona share their views on the exploration of the 1,319m-deep system.
Vsebina During seven years of exploration in Slovenia’s Kanin massif in the Julian Alps, the Caving Section of the High Mountains Club of Cracow, Poland (STJ KW Kraków) found and explored cave BC–4, which is now known to be the upper entrance to Mala Boka. When the two caves were connected in 2005, they formed a system 8,873m long and 1,319m deep. The new system contains the second deepest through trip in the world, with a vertical range of 1,297m and total length of 5km between the upper and lower entrances.
Url www.bcra.org.uk/pub/speleology/index.html?j=7

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3200 - Mala Boka

Mala Boka - Poljska Jama: Connection and Controversy.
Datum dokumenta: 11. 07. 2011
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