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Naslov Novice iz BC10
Povzetek Poletni raziskovalni dosežki Poljakov v BC10

Pawel Ramatowsky piše:

We haven't connected yet! BC 10 is still independent cave but explored some new passages. Above the bottom sump we discovered narrow meander and climbed 10 meters cascade. After that there is another meander (looks like old) which leads to the undiscovered shaft(really big shaft with water) Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to descent it. This is very interesting problem because probably we can by pass the bottom sump. We will see? What is interesting new parties are still going north.From the level of -730 we checked the water passage and reached to the small lake. (-780 m) I think there is possibility to go further (over 20 cm distance between water and ceiling) but we decided not passing because of water threat. The winter time is the best period to explore this part of cave.

The third discovery is gallery in P 224 shaft. About 60 m below the edge we found it. On the wall and ceiling are stalactites. It looks like old, dry gallery with air draft. We stopped before 6 meters drop up but above that gallery is still going. The direction of gallery is South!! We are planing a short (3-4 days in Cave) trip to BC 10 in November. For me its strange, we should be in Mala Boka but BC 10 is going north. Maybe the new gallery in P224 will be the way to Boka. Who knows?

(Informacija: Gregor Pintar.)
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