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Jama 7410 - Brezno pod žičnico
Avtor Ni avtorjev
Organizacija DZRJ Ljubljana
Naslov Three Hours of Caving Action on Mt. Kanin
Povzetek Short movie by Primož Jakopin about caving excursion in S30b on Kanin, Slovenia

Short movie by Primož Jakopin, with music by Kiril Božidarov, is about a caving excursion, on September 3, 2011, to as yet a very small cave, 7410 S30b (Kanin) "Jama pod žičnico" ("Cave below the cableway") on the Slovenian side of Mt. Kanin, Julian Alps. Claudio Bratos, Stojan Sancin and Erol Petaros participated in the movie and in the work to widen a narrow squeeze at the end of the cave, where powerful air current is a promise of larger tunnels below.

Url www.youtube.com/watch?v=sma6bgcBhws

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