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Naziv JK Krka
Sinonim(-i) JK Krka
Naslov Krka 1, SI-1301 Krka
Kontakt E-naslov: jkkrka@silol.net
Telefonska številka: 031/766-555
Povezave http://www.jkkrka.si/JKKrka.html
Opis Caving club Krka was established by a few enthusiasts with rich caving experiences and clearly created visions. We started from nothing, with only 8-member team, today we are almost at the number 50. Each individual is based volunteering, with his/her unselfishness action contribute its share by development of club. Our primary activity is researching and documenting of new caves and shafts, educating our members, cleaning contaminated caves, searching for missing persons, giving help at natural disasters and rescuing people and animals from caves, shafts, tall building.



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